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I’m Kristin Martin, the traveling massage therapist behind Mobile Massage Wenatchee. I began my journey as a massage therapist in 2001 in San Diego. I have worked in various settings over the years, moving to Washington, to Michigan and back again

My family has finally settled in Wenatchee. We moved here in the fall of 2019 and in the fall of 2021, I created Mobile Massage Wenatchee, LLC.

I am always learning and exploring new ideas to better understand movement, mobility, muscles and the structures of the body. I rely on communication,  creativity and  flexibility  to meet individual needs. I feel being mobile can bring great value to many people seeking pain relief and stress reduction. 

I love living here. I am happy to bring mobile massage services to Wenatchee. I look forward to working with more of the awesome people in our community!

Sunny day outdoor massage in the mountains.
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